Marketplace FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What challenges will be faced when doing a cross-border payment?

Performing cross-border payments can incur multiple “hidden” costs and can be very costly. FX rates fluctuate very often and customers usually bear the brunt. In addition, providers can charge mark-up transfer fees. Most users are unaware of these costs and end up paying more.

What makes us different from other payment providers?

Calista Finance is a platform that helps to aggregate information from multiple payment providers. This is to introduce a frictionless and transparent payment to our users.

What financing options we have?

We work with multiple financial institutions to provide quotations on up to 12 types of financing applications. Examples of financing we provide are:

  • Business/SME loans
  • AP/AR financing (e.g. invoice, purchase order, prepayment)
  • Credit Line
  • Operate Capital Financing

What types of insurance can I apply for?

We work with providers to offer transactional marine cargo insurance. You can also get quotations for other types of insurance, not limited to towage insurance, travel insurance, ship repairer’s legal liability.

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