CALISTA Insights Guide

Customer Service

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Terms and Conditions

By signing up as CALISTA INSIGHTS subscriber (“Subscriber”), you acknowledge and agree that:- 

  1. You have full legal power to bind the Subscriber; 
  2. You are authorised to enter into this contract on behalf of the Subscriber; 
  3. You are accessing CALISTA INSIGHTS as or on behalf of the Subscriber; 
  4. All information that you have provided is correct and true; 
  5. CALISTA INSIGHTS content (the “Content”) is confidential to GeTS. You agree that you will not 
    1. Disclose the Content sources are from GeTS; and 
    2. Disclose, transfer or resell the Content, to any third parties; 
  6. You will not rely upon the Content without making independent checks to verify the information it contains; 
  7. You agree to subscribe for the modules and services selected, and to pay the applicable charges when due; 
  8. You have read and agree that the Subscriber (and all of the Subscriber’s users) be bound by GeTS Services General Terms and Conditions as may be amended from time to time.  The GeTS Services General Terms and Conditions may be accessible at and GeTS services login page; and 
  9. GeTS reserves the sole right not to accept your application at its sole discretion. 
  10. A fee will be incurred when this service is used (Please refer to Annex A) 

Product Overview

Flexible middleware serving business needs for traders, procurement houses, investment professionals and financial institutions around the world, providing instant access to trade, logistics, freight data that businesses can use for insights.

Partner with us to co-create solutions to help your business grow better. You may also consider our service to self-help your business quickly.

Fast integration Seamlessly fit APIs into any client workflows and is configurable to deliver data based on user-defined schedule

Access to decades of trade logistics data Expertise in trade domain spans for more than 30 years

Cost transparency Current and past usage can be seen on a user and company level

Ever-growing eco-system GeTS partner with other data service providers to give clients a more global coverage of data sources

Non-stop development CALISTA Insights will grow, optimize and strengthen product roadmaps to meet ever-changing global demands

Product Solutions

CALISTA Insights Partnership

We collect raw trade data from multiple country’s customs, ports, and authorities. We process the data and create value-added fields to it. We carefully validate and verify export-import data before delivering it to our client. Most of the data is based on actual shipment records. 

Reach out to us at We will work with you to curate a unique solution for your business.

CALISTA Insights Service

By signing up with this service, you will be provided with a

  • Report based on your selected dataset
  • Data source file

Product Step-by-Step


  1. Fill up the sign up form on
  2. Once you have filled up the sign-up form, our team will contact you.
  3. To proceed, please fill in the data pull form on, ensure that these fields have been filled up
    1. Date range
    2. Company Information
    3. Search Parameters
    4. Core Data Fields Selection (pricing mechanism depends on how many fields selected here)
    5. Country Selection (Optional)
  4. GeTS will send you the quoted price for your data pull application
  5. If you are agreeable with this price, we will send the data report to you along with the invoice
  6. If you are not agreeable with this price, you can edit the data pull form and send it in again to get a new price quote

Key points to note:

  1. If you require all data from a single country, please write “ALL” under Company Information and tick the country of interest
  2. If you require data from a specific date, please write down the date under Start date and leave a “-“ (dash) under End date
  3. If you require all data from a single firm, please leave a “-“ (dash) under Start date and End date and write down the firm’s name under Company Information
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